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A Pokemon Romance Fan Fic by MasterGamer101 A Pokemon Romance Fan Fic by MasterGamer101
What's up guys? I got another new fan fiction made. This is basically a story about myself as a character in the Pokemon series having romantic times and times of friendship with two Lucario and one Zoroark. I was inspired by Thunderbolt's stories so I decided to make my own version of these stories.


Pokemon: Will's Romances and Friendship; Lucario and Zoroark

Part I
Will's relationship with Lucario

Will's first encounter with Lucario was only the beginning of a long road that awaited him. There would be friendship, tragedy, and of course, love. Will first met Lucario when Ash had to find Pikachu at a sacred place called the Tree of Beginning. Will and Lucario didn't share much of a chemistry at first, but when Ash & Lucario got into a fight, Will raged and stopped the fight. Will was furious at Ash for saying terrible things about Lucario. When Ash, Will and everyone else saw a vision from the past caused by a Time Flower, Ash became emotional and apologized to Lucario. Will was relieved with Ash, but then the dangers of going to the Tree of Beginning started. The gang was attacked by the Legendary Golems and each of them had a near death experience from the cells of the Tree of Beginning. But then, Ash and Lucario tried to save the Tree from its destruction due to the fact that Mew was sick. Lucario pushed Ash away and sacrificed his life to save the Tree of Beginning. Before Lucario died, another vision came up. The vision showed Lucario's master, Sir Aaron, dying from using his aura to restore Mew to its full strength. Sir Aaron had to seal Lucario within his staff because he didn't want Lucario to follow him and suffer the same fate... death. Sir Aaron mentioned that Lucario was more to him than his student, but his closest friend. Sir Aaron died and Lucario was stricken with grief. Ash & Will told Lucario that he has proven himself as a true user of aura. Lucario thanked the boys, but then died. Will was left sobbing for the death of Lucario and became struck with grief. His life may never be the same again...

Part II
Will's memory of Lucario returns

While traveling in the Sinnoh region, Ash, Will, Brock and their new companion, Dawn, were heading to Veilstone City and the Gym Leader had a Lucario. Will's memory of Lucario returned to him and he almost got emotional from the sight of Maylene's Lucario. Will lost his confidence in battling Lucario for a brief time due to his thought of hurting his old friend. Eventually, Will's confidence returned and his battle with Maylene ended up in a draw. But Maylene gave him the Gym Badge despite the battle being a draw. Later, Will was mortally injured by Team Galactic in a battle and he was stuck in a hospital for days. During the time in the hospital, Maylene's Lucario and herself came in to see Will. “Do you really understand me? After all of the trauma I went through?” Will asked with a tear dripping down his face. “Lu...” Lucario said in response. He said 'yes', stating that he did understand Will and what he went through. After Will, Ash and the others left Veilstone City, they continued to travel in Sinnoh. Much later, Ash, Will and the others went to Iron Island to investigate a strange phenomena that was happening there. Apparently all of the steel-type Pokemon were acting crazy because of something. While Ash tried to calm an Aggron, Will was caught in a blast that Aggron used and he was injured. But, Ash was saved by a young man named Riley who owned a Lucario. After Aggron ran off, Will was healed by Riley's Lucario. Will had more memories of his old friend rushing through his head and he looked at Riley for a minute. He had the striking image of Sir Aaron. While investigating, Ash, Will and the others had found out why the steel-type Pokemon were going crazy; they were in pain. And it was caused by a machine that was made by Team Galactic. When Team Galactic made some pillars shoot energy beams towards Mt. Coronet, Lucario started to go crazy. Also, Will's curse mark that was created by a deadly man named Kairasuki was re-activated again. With the curse mark active, Will was desperate to destroy the machine that was causing pain towards the steel-type Pokemon and Lucario. Will confronted the Galactic Commander, Mars. Will was attacked by Mars' Purugly and he was knocked unconscious along with Lucario. After Ash and the others destroyed the machine, Will, Lucario & the steel-type Pokemon were back to normal.

However, Mars had a trick up her sleeve. She was going to blow up the island with bombs! So, Riley & Lucario used the power of aura to toss the bombs into the sky. Will was relieved to see that Riley & Lucario were safe.
Will was happy to see more memories flow through his head and he remembered his dear friend. Will was curious about why his curse mark was activated when Lucario felt the pain caused by the machine made by Team Galactic. He thought the reason might be because he has a close connection to any Lucario. But there is still another timeline in which Will was in a romantic relationship with a female Lucario he fell in love with...

Part III
The Alternative Timeline: Will in a relationship with a female Lucario

In this alternate timeline, Will fell in love with a female Lucario he met in the Hoenn region while traveling with Ash and the gang. Their first sign of love came when Will thought her paws were very beautiful. Lucario was very happy to hear this, and she allowed him to worship her feet. So Will did. For 10 minutes, Will kept licking the paws of his love. They became a happy young couple and they even traveled in Sinnoh together. Will & Lucario left Ash and the gang to travel together along with Will's Charmander. The first time Will got to give Lucario a foot rub was when they were staying at a Floaroma Town hotel. Will never forgot this and he gave her foot rubs quite often. Even at times, Will also enjoyed tickling her sensitive footpaws. The two of them left after Will decided to return home after challenging the Elite Four of Sinnoh and lost to the Sinnoh Champion, Cynthia. This is when another Pokemon caught Will's eyes for love when he traveled to a new region...

Part IV: The Timelines Connect: Will's relationship with Zoroark

After Will had heard about the fact that the Unova region was right next door to Kenta, Will traveled to Unova to begin a new journey. While Will traveled around Unova, before he started collecting the badges, Will caught new Pokemon. Will encountered a Pokemon called Zoroark and he remembered encountering this species of Pokemon while at Crown City in Sinnoh. Will successfully caught Zoroark and he eventually fell in love with her. The two of the them shared a very special bond and each of them were in love with each other. Will often gave Zoroark foot rubs, much like how he used to give Lucario foot rubs. Will first met Lucario in the actual and alternative timelines at the age of 12. Will traveled with the female Lucario at 14. And now, Will was in love with Zoroark and he is currently 16. These two timelines both connect Will's bond and love with Lucario & Zoroark.
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